GR8 Carved Resin Shuttle




This is a 2.5″ shuttle with an hook and has a carved face. It has a removable bobbin with a screw tension. These shuttles come in a rainbow of beautiful colors and designs and each is unique. Please contact us if you would like a particular color or carving or to find out what we have in stock. The carvings available from the supplier are Celtic Knots, Infinity Knots, Roses, and Dragons.

Note, as shown in photo, shuttles come in solid or marbled colors. This is just a sample of the shuttles available from the supplier.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × .9 × .75 in
Carving Style

Dragon – Light Blue-Green, Celtic Knot Blue, Celtic Knot Red, Dragon Face – White, Infinity Knot Blue Swirl, Roses

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