GR8 Wooden Shuttles




This is a 2.5″ shuttle with an hook. It has a removable bobbin with a screw tension. These shuttles come in a wide variety of beautiful wood styles and each is unique. We try to photograph each shuttle to show off the lovely wood grain style, however some of the darker woods do not photograph as well and are much more patterned when seeing them in person.

Note, this is just a small sample of the woods available from the supplier. We have the shuttles shown here in stock, but we get new variations with each shipment so if you don’t see a shuttle that calls to you, please check back later!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × .9 × .75 in
Wood Type

Apple Wood, Black and White Ebony Wood, Box Elder Burl Wood, Brazil Rosewood, Bubinga Wood – 1, Bubinga Wood – 2, Buckeye Burl Wood, Honeysuckle Burl Wood, Ironwood, Lace Sheoak Wood, Osage Orange Wood – 1, Osage Orange Wood – 2, Pink Ivory Wood – 1, Pink Ivory Wood – 2, Birdseye Maple, Bloodwood – 1, Bloodwood – 2, Olive Wood – 1, Olive Wood – 2, Yellow Heart Wood

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