Pillow XTRA Blocks – Specialty 10″ x 5″


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This block, made of the same Ethafoam we use to create our pillows, is very resilient. Unlike styrofoam – which breaks when bent and breaks down under pinning, Ethafoam blocks and pillows will last for years.┬áThis 10″ x 5″ block is sized to fill the center cut-out in a One and Only pillow but can be used alone for other projects as well.

The thickness of the foam we use is approximately 2″, however, there is some variation in the thickness of the foam we receive from the manufacturer. If you order more than one block we will make sure that the blocks we send you are all the same thickness. If you are ordering a block to fit an existing One and Only pillow and want to make sure the thickness is the same as what you have on your pillow already, please contact us or add a note to your order giving us the thickness of your pillow at the center cut-out and we will do our best to find blocks that match that thickness.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in


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