Thread Divider




Handcrafted thread dividers in a variety of styles. They come in a longer version that is approximately 5 inches long and a shorter version that is approximately 4 inches long, which is listed in the item name. All are made with glass beads, small metal accent pieces and a sturdy needle. These dividers are made in small batches and each is unique.

Please note: It is difficult to get the beads backlit for the photos. Often the beads are a bit lighter than they appear here. We do our best to display them as accurately as possible but some variations may occur. Also, because of the way we take the photos, it sometimes appears in the photo that the needle end is flat, however it is not, the end of the needle is just stuck into a foam block for some of the photos. The needle is actually a bit sharp and will come covered in a cap.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Thread Divider Style

4in – Dog, 4in – Duck, 4in – Grey and Green with Rose, 4in – Pink and Purple, 4in – Purple and White, 4in – Purple Flowers with Blue Accent, 4in – Purple Flowers with Purple Accent, 4in – Red and Black, 4in – Red White and Blue, 4in – Teal Flowers, 4in – White and Silver, 5in – Blue Flowers, 5in – Dots, 5in – Red and Gold, 5in – Red Flowers, 5in – Teal Hearts with Gold Accents, 5in – Teal Hearts with Silver, 5in – Yellow Flowers with Green Accents

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